What is the DrySpot Sport Towel & Car Seat Cover?
Can it really work as a car seat cover as well?

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     So much more than a seat cover, this universal fitting waterproof seat towel is an essential element for every vehicle & household!  This moisture absorbing towel with it's waterproof barrier does not let moisture penetrate through onto your upholstery and it also prevents moisture from penetrating through from wet grass, bleachers or sand.

     The beautiful Hawaiian decorative top panel fits most seating and slips over easily for easy on/off application, unlike complicated seat covers which take far to long to take off when soiled. Adding the wetness aspect, after surfing, skiing, volleyball, biking or even using a treadmill makes the DrySpot surf towel a great gift for the active person in your life.

We are currently sold out of our DrySpot surf towel - car seat cover. Please check back later for when we have more seat covers available. Thanks.



How can you use the Sports Surf Towel?
All of the following team and individual sporting and athletic activities can use the DrySpot Towel.
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Sporting activities

  • ocean surfing
  • bodysurfing
  • boogie boarding
  • skating inline
  • roller blading
  • skateboarding
  • running and jogging
  • kids - babies - children
  • bike - mountain biking
  • skiing - snowboard - ski
  • hunting
  • fishing
  • hiking
  • camping
  • soccer - team sports
  • baseball - slo pitch
  • kayaks - canoes
  • boats - boating - yachts
  • swimming - beach
  • tennis - raquetball
  • scuba - skin diving
  • golf - golfing

Other uses

  • truck seat covers
  • car seat covers
  • stadium seat covers
  • spa and patio chair
  • incontinence - sheets
  • dogs - cats - pets
  • baby changing towels
  • convertible car protection
  • gift towels
  • hard to find gifts
  • Christmas  birthday

Dry Spot - Surf Towel - Car Seat Covers

The DrySpot seat cover makes a perfect gift for workout, exercise, surfing, running, swimming, dog and pet enthusiasts.
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