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asked questions about the
DrySpot Surf Towel
the perfect gift for the hard to buy for person.

Can you provide a quick overview of The
DrySpot Surf Towel?
The DrySpot Surf Towel is a universal sports towel with one side made of terry cloth for wiping sweat, dirt, rain or mud off, with the other side made of waterproof breathable layer (nylon type) to keep your seat dry and protected from moisture. The DrySpot Surf Towel is easy to install. Simply slip on/off over any boat, airplane, car, truck, chair or any type of seat, in just seconds.

Just what is the
DrySpot Surf Towel?
The DrySpot Surf Towel is a towel made to universally fit any type of seat or chair.

What Is The
DrySpot Surf Towel Made Of? What Makes Them Waterproof? 
The DrySpot Surf Towel is a patented product, that combines three different fabrics, the most important is a waterproof breathable layer (nylon type). Terry towel, waterproof, breathable and top decorative panel. 

1. One side of the towel is terry cloth
2. The other side is the waterproof breathable layer. This allows you to dry yourself off and have a wet terry cloth side, yet not get any moisture on your car seat. 
3. At the top of the towel is a 'pocket,' made of colorful tropical printed fabric, that fits over the headrest of your car, truck, boat, airplane or just about any seat you have. Top fabric change frequently, usually people let me know if they like a more subtle design as a batik (pictured in green on website) or Hawaiian fabric (more flowery) also on website. 

We are no longer offering custom sizes or bench seats covers as of February 2003.

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Does your product fit bucket seats, boat seats, any type of seats?
DrySpot Surf Towel was designed to fit most seating, including car seats, dining chairs, beach chairs, wheelchairs, lounge chairs to name a few. The universal fit allows you to take your surf towel anywhere and slip on/off easily. Messy ice cream eaters: slip on the DrySpot
not to worry your seat is protected! Coming home from a muddy soccer match: slip on the
DrySpot Surf Towel, no problem, no mud & mess on your seat! 

How long does it take to install the
DrySpot Surf Towel?
It takes 3-5 seconds to install the DrySpot Surf Towel. Simply place the top of the DrySpot Surf Towel over the head rest or top of any seat, and you are ready to go.

What Colors Are Available For The
DrySpot Surf Towel? Can I pick the color of my towel? Is there a choice of prints?
You can select the color of the terry cloth side. The DrySpot Surf Towel comes in 3 colors: dark blue, tan or charcoal gray (terry cloth towel). 

The waterproof breathable layer (nylon-Goretex type) is matched in color to towel.

The top panel comes in a bright array of tropical prints and patterns, some of which are featured on our web site: http://www.
DrySpot.com There is a constant variety of printed and patterned material, that is always changing. You can specify a color or style, but we cannot guarantee an exact print or pattern. Top fabrics are usually Hawaiian, or a basketweave type as seen on web site. Patterns change frequently, however the criteria is within this range: subtle or hawaiian floral; as they are done in limited runs. No one has ever complained about the combo. Just let me know if you like it more toned down or more floral.

I am looking for a unique gift for a hard to buy for person. Does this make a perfect gift?
Yes, because it can be used on any type of seat or chair, even the toughest person to buy for, who has everything, does not have this perfect gift.

Can you give me a few ideas of how people use the DrySpot Surf Towel?
1. Running: Recreational and marathon runners keep it in their car. They use the terry cloth side to dry themselves off, and then drape the DrySpot Surf Towel over their car seat, to protect sweat and dirt from getting on the car upholstery.
2. Volleyball: One of our satisfied customers wrote -
>I play a lot of volleyball here with a bunch of different people who hate getting their seats all dirty, and now we all have your surf towel. It works great for beach volleyball.<
3. Snowboarding: Sopping wet and cold is no problem... 
4. Surfing (my favorite): No need to change. Just keep your wetsuit on and hit the road.
5. Incontinence. No more messy accidents to clean off upholstery.

How do I clean the
DrySpot Surf Towel?
The DrySpot Surf Towel is very easy to care for. Just throw it in the washer (set warm - wash with like colors), then dryer, like you would with normal towels.

How can I use the
DrySpot Surf Towel with my pet dogs?
A customer wrote: >> I have two dogs that travel with me were ever I go. Unfortunately my new car has leather seats. Will your DrySpot Surf Towel protect my front passenger and back seat<<

I responded: >> I also have a swimming, rolling in the sand, you name it kinda DOG as well - Molly! The
DrySpot Surf Towel was designed with her in mind, the towel is a seat cover for my car seat, as it is easy to remove, wash/dry & throw back on. I never go anywhere without it! <<

Another customer wrote: >> I'm looking for something that will cover the back seat of a 2000 mustang convertible that is easily removable because I only need it when the dog is in the car. I need it to be easily removable but also secure when in use because I've tried throwing down towels in my other car and the dog moves them away. Also with the top down on the convertible, I wouldn't want it to blow away. I can't tell if your covers are only for the front seats or if they will fit a back seat as well. <<

I responded: >> Backseats are always a custom fit. The requirements are specific to the make and model, seat belt access, etc. Call or e-mail for specifics.<<

Can you ship overnight? 
Yes, I can ship overnight, usually through the Post Office. 

Does the
DrySpot Surf Towel fit everything?
The DrySpot surf towel is a universal fit. It easily drapes over beach chairs, dining chairs, car seats, baby high chairs, boats seats, van captain chairs, just about anything you set on that has a back to it.

How long will my The
DrySpot Surf Towel last?
It will last as long as any other towel you buy. The first towel I made is over 4 years old and used every day at my favorite surf break.

What does the
DrySpot Surf Towel cost?
The DrySpot Surf Towel is large: 28"x 56" for $34.95 + $4.95 shipping. Custom towel shipping costs are quoted with each custom quote.

How about backseats?
Usually the backseat surf towel starts at $59.95 + $6.95 s&h= $66.90 (unless it requires more fabric.) Hope this answers your question.

Do you have a discount if I buy several
DrySpot Surf Towels?
Yes. The first price break is at 6 units, the next break at 12 units. For information and pricing, just email or call me :) 

What about shipping costs?
There is a $4.95 s&h cost for each
DrySpot Surf Towel ordered. Additional towels, shipped at the same time, are just $3 each.

Can you do custom seat covers? How about back seats or bench style front seats?
Yes, custom seat covers are available, including back seats. I do custom bench seat with zipper for seat belt access. Custom work requires prepayment.

All I would need are measurements: across length, height, latches, seat belt access etc. As much as you can give me. The waterproof and ease of removal makes the
DrySpot a perfect choice, I use mine every day for my dog. It's saved my seats! 

Please note that custom work is much more labor intensive and results in a higher cost :)

Do you make custom seat covers for airplanes?
A customer wrote: >> I need seat covers for a 1960 Piper Comanche Airplane. It is a weird request, but I thought you might be able to help me out.<<

I wrote: >>Yes I have made many airplane seat covers. The unique surf towel is easy on/off use. All I need is the specs (measurements of seat: width,height etc.) The surf towel is a universal fit, however I can customize for tighter fit.<<

How do I order?
If you would like to order or need anymore info don't hesitate to call me at 1-888-554-7768 TOLL FREE. Please specify color of towel. Or you can print out our order form at
and fax to 760 632-7827

How do I pay?
You can make payment a number of ways:
Check or money order payable to
You can use your credit card via Paypal.com. The way Paypal works is they process your Visa card.  Paypal is FREE to sign up and there are no additional fees. Contact US for details.

When do you ship your
DrySpot Surf Towel?
The DrySpot Surf Towel is shipped upon receipt of payment.

Do you have swatches?
Because the fabric inventory constantly changes, we can not send swatches for orders of less than 12
DrySpot Surf Towels.

If your questions have not been answered, please call toll free 888-554-7768 for more info :)

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